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Different animals have different nutritive needs depending on their species, age, weight, environment etc. At RecyGen we are capable of producing finely tuned animal feed that meet very specific requirements using highly nutritive insects.

Our high-quality feed makes no compromise on nutrition while keeping a high priority on encouraging sustainable agricultural practices that maximizes the use of resources.

This can be achieved in three main different ways:

SF Products:
Offering semi-finished products from our production lines (mainly proteins and Insect Oil -unsaturated and essentials-) which will be considered as raw materials for other industries,

Combining our ecofriendly approcach with your established brand,

Processing finished products which will be rebranded by our Clients before sales.

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Insect Proteins

This is a protein-based fine powder, along with fatty acids, chitin and other nutrients
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Insect Oil

Fatty Acids ensure vital functions in living organisms and are essential in a healthy diet
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Clean Water

Water is collected during the drying process to be turned into clean water

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