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RecyGen is committed day after day to comply with most of the following 17 sustainable development goals:

Job creations for the most vulnerable segments of the locality, mainly waste pickers and blue collars in the facilities

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all

Production of affordable insect-based food for both animals and humans in addition to clean water to help fight hunger

In-house produced insect-based food and agricultural fertilizers contribute to improve food security, quality of life and well-being

Commitment to the promotion of education through agreements and partnerships with local universities and colleges

Proud to be an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer, in all countries where we operate

In-house developed natural wetland to reprocess used and repactured water, providing eventually drinkable water

Production of affordable, clean renewable fuels to provide local households more efficient and healthier cooking alternatives

Creation of decent and rewarding jobs in low to middle income countries, often affected by high unemployment rates

Stand-alone (independent from public utilities) facility uniquely custom-built to exactly match local needs and demands

We bridge new technologies from developed countries with the potential and willingness from emerging countries

Tackling waste management at a locality scale is an important step towards building sustainable cities

Committed to shrinking our carbon footprint. We follow ISO 14001 and PAS 2050 regulations to control our overall carbon footprint

Recycling and up-cycling waste in stand-alone self-sufficient factories with smallest carbon footprint possible

Production of high quality insects and worms which will be used as semi-finished products in animal feed or human nutrition

Committed to preserving terrestrial ecosystems by providing clean alternatives to charcoal and destructive agricultural practices

Fully supports efforts strengthening peace, justice and the establishment of strong institutions

Committed to encouraging partnerships accross our network of sites towards the implementation of the SDGs

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