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Bénoni MARTIN   

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15+ years of international experience (Europe, Americas, Africa & Australia):

  • 4 yrs. in Finance (Société Générale).
  • 7 yrs. in Industry and supply chain (ArcelorMittal, Graincorp, Danone, Schneider Electric).
  • 4 yrs. building 2 start-ups.

Academic Degrees:
  • Graduated degree in Quantum Physics.
  • MS in Telecom.
  • BS in Physics & Chemistry.

He speaks English, French and Spanish.

Karim HONEIN   

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10+ years of academic and entrepreneurial experience (Lebanon, Japan & France):

  • Postdoctoral researcher in Biochemistry and Molecular Biotech.
  • Former cofounder of a French drone software company, developing software for control.

Academic Degrees:
  • PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biotech.
  • BS in Environmental Sciences.
  • BS in Biological Sciences.

He speaks English, French, Japanese & Arabic.

Aleksandra ZAJAC   

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10+ years of investment experience (UK, Poland & Singapore):

  • 6+ yrs. of investing experience in Private Equity Real Estate in London (Blackstone, Berkely Capital Partners & Benson Elliot).
  • Impact investor for Canadian Loyal VC fund in collaboration with INSEAD

Academic Degrees:
  • MBA from INSEAD.
  • MSc in Real Estate Finance & Economics.
  • BS in Urban Planning, Design & Management.

She speaks English, Polish and French.

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