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Next step in the Facility Construction: overseeing the construction of the facility, and supervise staffing.

Carbon emissions (and others as NH3 or CO) will be monitored across the facility's entire life cycle, in accordance with PAS 2050 and ISO 14001 standards.
No running water connection
Water coming out from the facility is totally cleaned and filtered with our natural plant-based filtration process: no need of costly external connections.
Clean construction
Cross-Laminated Timber (or similar alternatives) will always be preferred to classic concrete, to be able to built carbon-neutral constructions and help carbon sequestration.
No electrical connection
Facility is supplied with ecofriendly energies as bioelectricity, solar and wind power: no need of costly connection to local electrical grid.
Structural Analysis
Basic structural analysis is also performed whend esigning the global warehouse architecture.
Multispecies-based upcycling
RecyGen designed an unique multispecies-based production unit used for Organic material recycling.
Sustainable Food
As we discard the use of preservatives, gelling agents, coloring agents, antibiotics etc., our finished products are 100% organic and clean.
Vendor agnostic
For some wastes, we can integrate any model from any supplier that would fit the best our customer's needs.
3 Axis full scalability allows us to propose a solution for nearly any volume of inboud raw materials.

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