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(In-house software)

Analyze, assess and decide whether starting or not a global recycling project in a given town
  • When will the project become profitable?
  • How should I size up my facility?
  • What if one day plastics are prohibited?
  • Where should I deploy the facility to minimize costs?
  • How much can I afford to pay my waste pickers and maximize my social impact?
  • What kind of end products should I choose to optimize profits?


(In-house software)

Available for suppliers and carriers, the App handles both collection process and wastes valuation tracking
  • Real time status & location on the map
  • Real-time wastes valuation at suppliers door step
  • History display of all past transactions
  • Best routes to collect wastes automatically displayed
  • Used by suppliers (waste valuation), carriers (routes optimization) and Clients
  • Offline mode automatically available when signal goes down


(In-house design)

This will be the "hardware" part of the proposal, completely custom-built and designed
  • On-going day to day fine tuning operations
  • Flexibility to allow adjustments to sudden local changes
  • Custom-built architecture (scalable according to needs)
  • Eco-friendly (clean energies and low carbon footprint)
  • Stand-alone structure (independent from local public utilities)
  • Biological multispecies approach to upcycling Organic material


(In-house software)

Handle daily operations, and assess impact on the production chain as legal changes or supply variability
  • What will be the impact of a the Christmas period?
  • What will be the impact if I add a supplier?
  • What will be the impact if I delete a customer?
  • What will be the impact in extending shifts?
  • Will I have production bottlenecks on the next upcoming weeks?
  • What will be the impact in adding a new recycling tool in my facility?

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